Samsung FAQ

Purchase issues

How to buy?
You can buy all our watchfaces from the Samsung Galaxy Store on your phone, with credit card or via Paypal. In some countries, operator billing can be used or different local payment methods.
Do you sell bundles?
At this moment, it is not possible to sell bundles on Samsung Galaxy Store. We hope the Galaxy Store team will implement this feature soon.
How to find out what watchfaces I purchased?
Open the Galaxy Store app, then open the menu, click My apps and select Watch to see all your purchased watchfaces.
Do you issue refunds?
If you have an issue with our watchfaces, you can contact us anytime using the information provided in the Support page. We do offer Premium Support for all our paid watchfaces, with very fast response time.

We, as developers, cannot issue a refund. All the payments are handled by Samsung. If you want a refund, you will have to contact the Galaxy Store team via the contact form inside the store app and request a refund.
How to I use a coupon code?
In Galaxy Store, at checkout, you can enter the coupon code and get the watchface for free. Go the the watchface page in Galaxy Store, press the Buy button, then choose "Use points or coupons" and add the coupon code you got from us.

Note that coupons can be used ONLY on ANDROID devices!
How to I get an access code to redeem a free watchface?
We sometimes run some "BUY 1, GET 1 FREE" promotions in Galaxy Store. If you buy certain watchfaces and leave a review with your country name, you will get an access code. With this code, you can redeem here a free, random watchface from our portofolio and get a coupon code that you can use in Galaxy Store to download the watchface you won, for free.

Note that coupons can be used ONLY on ANDROID devices!
Trial expired, but I cannot purchase the watchface/buy button on the watchface doesn't do anything. What to do?
When you press the buy button displayed on the watch screen, the Samsung Checkout app will launch on your phone. If no app is launched on your phone, check if you have the Samsung Checkout app installed on your phone and if it's enabled.
If you don't have Samsung Checkout app installed, please install it from Galaxy Store.
If you don't have a Samsung phone, then click here to download Samsung Checkout app and install it.

After the Samsung Checkout app is installed, please press again the Buy button on the watchface, then check your phone to finish the purchase.
On non Samsung Android phone, a notification will be displayed in the notification bar from Samsung Checkout, you need to tap that notification in order to start the purchase procedure.

Samsung Checkout is not available for Apple devices. If you have a watchface with trial installed, you can only purchase the full version of it from an Android phone.
Trial expired, it ask for payment, but I already purchased. What to do?
If you already purchased the watchface, then press the buy button displayed on the watch screen to automatically restore the watchface. Make sure that you're logged in with the same Samsung account you've used to do the purchase first time!

Stats issues

Steps showing 0/Steps not updating
This is due to a permission issue, you did not gave permission to access sensor data when you installed the watchface from Galaxy Store.

You can easily fix this in 2 ways:
1. uninstall the watchface, then reinstall it again and make sure you gave it the permission to access sensor data when it asks for it on the watch;
2. on the watch, go to Settings -> Apps -> Permissions -> WatchfaceName and enable all the permissions there.

Weather issues

Weather is not working or displaying 0 instead of weather information. What to do?
There are multiple reasons the weather might not work.
First, when you install the watchface, it will asks you for permission to use Internet and your location to fetch weather data from the web for your exact location. If you're not sure that you allowed the watchface to access internet and location, you can try to uninstall the watchface, then install it again and gave the requested permissions.
Another method is to go to Settings -> Apps -> Permissions -> "WatchfaceName" and enable all the permissions there.

Second, in order to get the weather data from the internet, the watch needs to be connected to your phone via Bluetooth and you need location services on your phone to be enabled to get weather for your exact location. Please make sure your phone is connected to the internet via Wifi or Mobile data, your watch is also connected to your phone via Bluetooth and you have location services enabled on your phone.

Third, make sure you have the latest version of Galaxy Wearables app installed on your phone and that your smartwatch is running the latest firmware version available.

Fourth, make sure the Galaxy Wearables app has permission to access location and Internet. Also, make sure the app is able to run in background and it's not killed by the Android OS (this is happening in case of non Samsung phones).
How can I change temperature to K/C/F degrees?
In order to change to C, K or F degrees, please tap once or twice the temperature information displayed on the watchface.
Can I make the weather update sooner or later?
Each watchface has a predefined weather refresh interval (which is 2 hours right now), so that will display relevant data and won't kill you battery refreshing too often. Sadly, this refresh interval cannot be changed by user. But most of our watchfaces offer a shortcut to manually update weather by tapping a certain element like city name or last update time etc. Please check the watchface screenshots in the Galaxy Store to find out about the manual update shortcut.
Weather information from the watchface is different from the weather phone/watch app. What to do?
The weather information displayed by our watchfaces may sometimes be slightly different from the weather information displayed by other weather apps on your mobile device or watch. This is not an error. This is due to the fact that different weather providers are used by different apps.

Our weather data provider is OpenWeatherMap.

Settings issues

Where is the settings page?
Not all of our watchfaces have a settings page. For those who have settings page, it is marked inside the watchface with a distinct icon like this: .
Tap/double tap the icon to open the settings page on your watch.

Download issues

I tried to download, but it doesn't work. What to do?
Sometimes there can be an issue with the connection between phone and watch, so the download will stop or will not work at all. As we do not control the storage, distribution and installing steps, we cannot help with this.

Follow these steps to fix it:
  • make sure you have the latest version of Galaxy Store and Galaxy Wearable apps
  • make sure you have the latest version of OS installed on your smartwatch. You can do this by checking for updates in the Galaxy Wearable app
  • try to disable, then re-enable the bluetooth connection
  • restart both watch and phone in the same time

If still doesn't work, please contact Samsung Support to help you with this issue.

Always On Display issues

Does your watchfaces have a custom AOD design?
All our watchfaces have a custom AOD design, optimized for low battery usage.
How to enable/disable AOD?
To enable/disable AOD, on your watch, go to Settings Watch faces and enable Watch always on

Note that turning ON always-on display impacts your watch's battery.
I have AOD enabled, but it's killing my battery. What to do?
Note that using the always-on display feature impacts your watch's battery. When always-on display is turned on, your battery will consume faster.
If you wish to save battery, disable the AOD feature.

General issues

How do I change between 12 and 24 hour time formats?
If the watchface has a settings page, you can choose the time format from the settings page and the time format it's independent from the phone.
If the watchface does not have a settings page, the time format is taken from the associated phone. If you wish to change time format on the watch, change the time format of your phone.
How do I restart the watch?
Press and hold the Home key (Power key) for 2-3 seconds until a menu appears. Select the turn off option from the menu to turn off the watch.

If your smartwatch is unresponsive, please press and hold the Home key (Power key) for more than 7 seconds to restart it.
Other advices on how to save battery?
You can try to set a lower value for the Screen timeout, from Settings -> Display and set Screen timeout to 15 or 30 seconds. This will turn off screen faster in order to save battery.

Set Wifi connection to Auto.