Download/installation issues

I purchased a watchface, but it does not come up on my watch. What to do?
With the release of One UI Watch version 4.5, there are new steps for installing Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch5 watch faces that are different from the previous method used in the old One UI version. New and previously purchased watch faces from Google Play Store will not automatically become the active watch face on your watch. In some cases, you must first download watch faces to your Play Store account before transferring them to your watch.

The steps below explain how to install watch faces using your watch, phone, or computer browser. Your devices should be logged into the same Google account and on the same WiFi to ensure they are correctly connected.

New Watch Faces
Previously Purchased Watch Faces
It downloaded only on my phone. How to download to my watch?
From the Play Store, in the watchface details page, you can select the device where to download the watchface. Make sure you select your watch to install on it. See the image below:
faq download issue
Do I need to install the phone app too?
There is no need to download the companion app on your phone. The watchface is designed to work standalone, without companion app. If you installed the companion app, you can uninstall it from your phone.

Purchase/refund issues

I just purchased a watchface and I don't like it. Do you issue refunds?
All watchfaces purchased through Play Store can request a refund from the Play Store / Watchface details page, according to the Play Store refund policy, available here.
Do you have bundles with watchfaces?
Sadly, right now, there is not possible to create a bundle on Play Store. If this option will become available in the future, we will use it.

Weather issues

How to change temperature unit from C to F or from F to C?
Use your watch settings to change from F to C degrees or from C to F degrees.

Settings issues

How can I access the watchface settings to change colors/backgrounds?
Just press and hold your watch screen until a Customize button appears on the screen. Press it, then follow the steps indicated on the screen to change different elements of the watchface.
Same settings are also available in the Galaxy Wearable app.

General issues

How do I change between 12 and 24 hour time formats?
Time format is taken from your watch, which syncs it from your phone. So in order to change the time format, change your phone time format.