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Winter Snowing Night Premium


Price: 2.99 $
Works on: Gear S3 Gear Sport Galaxy Watch Galaxy Watch Active Galaxy Watch Active 2 Galaxy Watch 3
Collection: Winter Collection 2024

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Enjoy another winter themed watch face from our team, with realistic snow animation, Santa sleigh animation and our unique Eco Mode which will help you save battery in crucial times.
- snow animation!
- Santa sleigh animation!
- digital 12/24H clock
- digital date and month name
- number of steps and walked distance
- battery status
- charging indicator
- need charging indicator
- steps goal indicator - reach your daily goal to reach the crystal treasure!
- Always On mode for low battery usage
- double tap certain elements to open specific app (clock for Alarm, date for Calendar, snowman for Music Player, tree for Find My Device, steps for SHealth, BPM for Heart Measure etc)

Smart Watchface with eco mode:
- will stop all animations when your battery is less than 25%
- will remove the background image when your battery is less than 15%
- will display Low Battery animation when battery is less than 10%

Check out all our winter watchfaces: https://galaxy.store/starwf

  • snow animation!
  • Santa sleigh animation!
  • 12/24h time modes
  • date and month name in device language
  • number of steps
  • battery status
  • charging status
  • steps goal indicator
  • distance in km or miles
  • AOD mode
  • Smart Eco Mode
  • app shortcuts
  • BPM
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