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Spring Vibes

Price: FREE
Works on: WearOS powered smartwatches like Galaxy Watch 6 & 6 PRO, Pixel Watch 2, Galaxy Watch 5 & 5 PRO, Pixel Watch, Galaxy Watch 4
Collection: Spring Collection 2024 for WearOS

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Introducing Spring Vibes a delightful fusion of functionality and charm, designed to adorn your Wear OS smartwatch with a burst of seasonal joy.

Background & Aesthetic: Immerse yourself in the ethereal beauty of spring with a high-quality background adorned by delicate cherry blossom petals, evoking the essence of renewal and vitality. The backdrop seamlessly transitions through the day, echoing the gentle rhythm of nature.

Customizable Color Themes: With a palette of 20 vibrant color themes, Spring Vibes allows you to infuse your watchface with your unique style. Each color theme gracefully cascades across the date and health statistics, enhancing visibility and personalization.

Comprehensive Health Stats: Stay on top of your wellness journey with at-a-glance access to vital health metrics including steps taken, heart rate, and calories burned. Empower yourself to make informed decisions and celebrate your progress every step of the way.

Effortless Navigation: Navigate your digital world with ease using multiple shortcuts conveniently placed within reach. With two customizable shortcuts, tailor your watchface to suit your lifestyle and streamline your daily routine.

Optimized for Efficiency: Embrace the convenience of Always-On Display (AOD) without compromising on power efficiency. Spring Vibes is meticulously optimized to minimize battery consumption while ensuring uninterrupted access to essential information.

Timekeeping Reinvented: Whether you prefer the classic elegance of 12-hour time or the precision of 24-hour format, Spring Vibes caters to your preference with a charming pink gradient font that adds a touch of whimsy to every glance. Plus, the date is seamlessly displayed in your device's language, ensuring seamless integration into your daily routine.

Embrace the allure of springtime with Spring Vibes where functionality meets enchantment, transforming your Wear OS smartwatch into a stylish companion on your journey to well-being and beyond.

To customize the watchface and change the color theme or the custom shortcuts, press and hold on the display, then tap the Customize button and customize it the way you want.

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  • wff format
  • digital clock
  • 20 color themes
  • date in device language
  • steps
  • heart rate
  • battery level
  • calories
  • shortcuts
  • AOD mode
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