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Color Vibes


Price: 1.99$
Works on: Versa Versa Lite Versa 2 Versa 3 Sense

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🔷 12 options for background - tap twice the moon icon to change the background image
🔷 current temperature in °F or °C (depending on your settings - you can change temperature units in the Fitbit app - Settings - Units)
🔷 weather will be updated automatically every 30 minutes - needs location and Internet connection to work
🔷 update weather manually by tapping the temperature area on the screen
🔷 if there is any error while updating the weather, the error will be displayed instead of the temperature
🔷 tutorial on how to use the watchface on first run and when tapping the top left corner to manually display the tutorial
🔷 12 or 24H digital clock with seconds
🔷 moon phase
🔷 battery, steps, calories, bpm, min and max hr, active zone minutes, cardio, fat burn and peak azm
🔷 RGB color selector for clock, date & stats - can be used in the watchface settings
🔷 24 fonts for stats - change the fonts from the watchface settings
🔷 date, settings in multiple languages

Customize the clockface the way you want it from the clockface settings page inside Fitbit app!

To use the clockface, a one time payment of 1.99$ is required. When the free trial ends, a 6 digits code will appear on your watch.

To purchase, enter the 6 digits code shown on the clockface on https://kzl.io/code. Already purchased? Unlock the watchface following the instruction from https://kzl.io/unlock.
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  • 12 background options
  • temperature in °F or °C
  • moon phase
  • 12/24H Time format
  • RGB color selector for time, date & stats
  • 24 fonts for stats
  • Settings page inside Fitbit app
  • Battery status
  • Heart rate
  • Number of steps
  • Burned calories
  • Active Zone Minutes
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