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Santa Fireplace


Price: 0.99$
Works on: Versa Versa Lite Versa 2 Versa 3 Sense
Collection: Winter Collection 2024

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Last update: Nov 2020
Added Active Zone Minutes
Interface redesign
Cute animated scene with Santa, animated fire inside fireplace and animated tree lights.
❄️ tree lights and fire animations
❄️ 12/24H modes
❄️ 18 colors and 24 fonts for clock and date
❄️ 3 clock sizes
❄️ 2 date sizes
❄️ 3 date formats
❄️ show/hide date
❄️ show/hide battery status, steps and distance, animations
❄️ 18 colors for battery/steps/distance text
❄️ Premium Support Included!

Configure all these options from the clockface settings inside Fitbit app, on your smartphone.

You can use this clock face free for 1 hour, after that, a one time payment of 0.99 $ is required in order to use it forever. You can purchase the full version or unlock the clock face if you already purchased it at https://kzl.io/code/ where you need to enter the 5 digits code displayed on the clockface when the trial ends. You can use a credit/debit card or PayPal.

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  • animated fire inside fireplace
  • animated Christmas tree lights
  • 12/24H Time format
  • 24 fonts for time
  • 18 colors for time
  • 3 clock sizes
  • Digital date
  • 18 colors for date
  • 24 fonts for date
  • 2 date sizes
  • Multiple date formats
  • Settings page inside Fitbit app
  • Battery status
  • Number of steps
  • Walked distance in km or miles
  • 18 colors for stats
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