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Analog Christmas Edition


Price: 1.49$
Works on: Versa Versa Lite Versa 2 Versa 3 Sense
Collection: Winter Collection 2024

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Enjoy our winter themed analog clock, Analog Christmas Edition!

👉 realistic animated snow!
👉 battery, steps, distance in km or miles, heart rate, calories, active zone minutes and floors (floors not available on Versa Lite)
👉 analog time, classic watch index and hands
👉 digital time with 12/24h mode and 24 fonts
👉 digital date with multiple formats and 24 fonts
👉 RGB color selector for clock, date and stats - over 16 million possible colors!
👉 selectable stats - tap each stats to change them!

Use the clockface settings page inside Fitbit app and customize it the way you want!

This is a paid clockface. The price is 1.49$ (+ taxes) via kpay, after a 1h free trial.

  • realistic animated snow!
  • analog + digital clock
  • 12/24H Time format
  • RGB color selector for date, time and stats
  • 24 fonts for date, time and stats
  • Multiple date formats
  • Settings page inside Fitbit app
  • Dual stats zones
  • Battery status
  • Heart rate
  • Number of steps
  • Burned calories
  • Floors
  • Active Zone Minutes
  • Main Goal
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